Kibes onboard electronic system

KIBES® Architecture for Trucks, Small Buses and Off-Highway Vehicles

Typical KIBES® Architecture

Relying on our KIBES® multiplex system means using a cost-optimized and scalable platform solution for commercial vehicles – ideally designed for all sorts of vehicle volumes.

The CBCU3 family provides a complete system solution for for trucks, small buses as well as construction and agricultural vehicles. Starting with the body controller CBCU3 as basic component additional multiplex nodes, a vehicle controller and an instrument cluster can be easily added to achieve a scalable and future-proven system.

KIBES® Architecture

Systems with a control unit of the CBCU3 family provide powerful solutions that are optimized to meet any cos-tumer requirement. Up to four MUX4-P can be connected to CBCU3-E via multiplex CAN. Beyond that, control units of the  CBCU3 family offer a customer-specific programmable CAN network that provides a direct connection to several possible instrument cluster solutions.    

Graphic image of a commercial vehicle fleet whose onboard electronics can be developed with KIBES. From left to right: black semi-trailer truck with trailer bearing the Continental logo. Silver coach. Yellow-green tractor. Green combine harvester. Yellow excavator.

KIBES® – Always stay in control