Road Noise Cancellation

Modern road noise cancellation systems consist of a control unit, microphones, loud speakers, and acceleration sensors.

Continental's 3-axis low g acceleration sensor as part of the  complete system is designed to detect vibration caused by road  surface unevenness. Detected vibration means acceleration  signals will be provided by high speed communication to the  control unit which generates inverted sound waves to eliminate  road noise.


Benefits & Features

  • Input of acceleration sensor signals essential for active noise cancellation systems
  • High speed data processing and communication of acceleration sensor signals
  • Robust design for mounting in the wheel-arch
  • Support of weight reduction by avoidance of damping material hence lower CO2 emission and range extension at e-vehicles

Technical Information

3-axis low g sensor

+/- 16g

Sensor range

< 150μs

Latency time

< 2mg/LSB


Audio bus high speed communication

Our Sensor Highlights

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