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eHorizon Maps on Demand

eHorizon Maps on Demand is one of our highly demanded services on the eHorizon Platform.

Maps on Demand is one of our highly demanded services on the eHorizon Platform.

  • The connected end-to-end service provides vehicle and driver on demand with the freshest SD and HD map data across several map providers
  • Powered by Continental’s own connectivity service, the solution also works in areas with low or no mobile network
  • Crowdsourced data can be used for self-healing of the map as well as map enrichment
  • The solution can be customized by a variety of dynamic data relevant for safe, comfortable, efficient and sustainable driving

We act as service provider and integrator for our customers enabling global coverage and scalability.

    • Maps on Demand offers an end-to-end solution including all relevant software and hardware components
    • Enhances ADAS, Powertrain and Chassis functions with fresh map data even without an embedded navigation system or map
    • The service reduces on-board data storage, embedded map size and required bandwidth
    • Different map providers can flexibly be integrated to ensure global coverage, high customization and the usage of smartphone navigation based on customer requirements
    • Ensures compliance with the Euro NCAP roadmap, the General Safety Regulation as well as data protection laws

    The service delivers map tiles from the cloud to the vehicle.

    Maps on demand
    • The cloud service is based on an intelligent map tile approach using common automotive standards such as NDS

    • Only the most important map tiles for the vehicle journey are downloaded on demand minimizing the size of the embedded map

    • A home area is detected and is only updated when map attributes change by checking the freshness of the tiles and map data

    • Vehicles moving towards an area with white spots or areas without connectivity will receive additional map tiles that extend across the low or no connectivity areas to guarantee the quality of the service

    • Inside the vehicle, the map information are easily made available to vehicle functions by the in-vehicle client and eHorizon provider, e.g. in the ADASIS format

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