Assisted Driving Control Unit


The standard assisted driving control unit ADC420 is a safe and secure multipurpose processing platform which is ideally suited for applications in the realm of assisted driving, safety functions and as host of the backup/redundancy path for SAE level 3 automated driving systems.

Benefits & Features

  • Sensor fusion of intelligent sensors with object interfaces
  • Hosts safety critical functionality and the Comprehensive Environmental Model
  • Dual processor configuration with dedicated safety and performance domains
  • Scalable processing performance
  • Functional safety level up to ASIL D
  • CAN, CAN-FD and Ethernet
  • Classic AUTOSAR platform for flexible integration of software functions
  • Several serial applications for L2 and L3 vehicles

Technical Information

8 to 12x


1 to 5x 100 Mbit


2400 DMIPS


Kl 30​

Power Supply

-40°C … +85°C

Operating Temperature Range

-40°C … +105°C

Storage Temperature Range


IP Classification

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