Work and driving lights developed for commercial vehicle and off-highway requirements

The NightViu® lighting system turns night into day with its high optical efficiency, sophisticated thermal management, powerful high beam distribution and penetrating far- and near-field illumination.

Discover our LED lighting system NightViu®

Optimal illumination through work and driving lights increases safety on the road and in offroad areas

In the NightViu® lighting system, we use high-performance LED technology to ensure a better visibility in situations with low visibility. A wide range of NightViu® LED lights offers solutions for different applications. With a variety of performance features, shapes and beam patterns, it brings intense white LED light into the darkest corners, at work or on the road. This makes the NightViu® LED lights not only perfect for commercial vehicles, they can also be used in agriculture, construction or material handling.

NightViu® Work Lights

Our NightViu® work lights are robust, compact and powerful devices that have been developed for the toughest applications. With their high optical efficiency, sophisticated heat management, powerful high beam and penetrating far- and near-field illumination, they turn night into day.

Product image of various NightViu® work lights

The benefits of our NightViu® work lights at a glance

  • High performance: intense LED light in a color temperature of 5700 K and with 4 different luminous fluxes from 1500 lumens up to 4500 lumens
  • Great flexibility due to a large selection of beam patterns, from spot to flood and wide to ultra-wide
  • Very high energy efficiency with low power consumption thanks to the use of premium LEDs
  • Long lifetime of at least 5,000 hours
  • Low complexity due to a modular housing concept and flexible mounting system for all lighting variants
  • Extremely robust against water, cold, heat, dust, vibrations and salt with the highest IP class
  • Low maintenance requirements
excavator works at sunrise
Employees work in the construction site with machines at night

Technical specifications of the work lights

Working NightViu led lights

luminous flux
1500 lm to 4500 lm

beam patterns

operating temperature
-40° to +90° Celsius

at least 5,000 hours

luminous efficiency
100 lumens per watt

up to 12 g rms


A dark empty street, dark blue background, an empty dark scene, neon light, spotlights The asphalt floor and studio room with smoke float up the interior texture. night view

NightViu® Driving Lights

Our NightViu® driving lights are designed for the requirements of the automotive sector (on road). The broad portfolio covers all lighting requirements: light bars (including slim versions), multifunctional lights and reversing lights.

Product images of various kinds of NightViu® driving lights

The benefits of our NightViu® driving lights at a glance

  • Pioneering due to the free form curved reflector for improved performance and reduced glare as well as ECE conformity for use on the road (ECE R7, R10, R23 and R112)
  • Resistant due to the shutter-proof polycarbonate lens for use under difficult conditions, the long-life high-performance LEDs for extremely high optical efficiency and, last but not least, the overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • Reliable due to the integrated driver and thermal management system
    • DEUTSCH plug connectors
      • Fulfill common automotive IP protection class requirements
      truck drives in the dark
      Employees work in the construction site with machines at night

      Technical specifications of the work lights

      Working NightViu led lights

      luminous flux
      1100 lm to 5500 lm

      beam patterns

      housing shapes

      operating temperature
      -40 to +85°/ -30 to +60° Celsius

      Color temperature
      6000 K



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