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Scenic  View Head-up Displays

Information in a new dimension.


Unlike previous head-up displays, the Scenic View HUD does not project the display onto the transparent area of the windshield, but instead reflects important information for the driver with an exceptionally high light intensity onto a specially coated, black-printed area along the lower edge of the windshield. This produces a razor-sharp image across the entire width of the windshield. As a result, the Scenic View HUD offers excellent visibility in all lighting conditions and combines the best of both worlds: the intuitive view of a head-up display with the razor-sharp image quality of a conventional screen. This combination enhances safety and driving comfort in equal measure.

OEM / Customer Benefit

  • World’s first scenic view windshield display brings information close to the street
  • Spectacular quality of virtual image
  • High degree of freedom for new    dashboard designs

Technical Solution

  • Black-print for high image quality and contrast
  • Projection distance of 1m
  • Matrix backlight with local dimming by Continental

With the Scenic View HUD, we are setting a new trend and enabling completely new design options for vehicle designers. We are thereby not only transforming vehicle design but also making a significant contribution to greater road safety.


Philipp von Hirschheydt

Member of the Executive Board

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