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Comes with the parking, but without the corrosion Ideal for electric vehicles, the encapsulated design of the drum brake results in low levels of corrosion, while maintaining low degrees of emission particles.

The Electric Parking Brake in general replaces the mechanical activation via the hand brake lever by an electrical switch and electromechanical actuators building up the required clamp forces.

The EPB-Si is a mainstream industry product within the portfolio of EPB solutions being developed by  Continental and  is  a great solution for electric vehicles.  Electromechanical actuators are mounted  directly  to the rear axle drum brakes to achieve the brake  torque and  can  be controlled by devices from the caliper integrated systems that are also offered by us.  The reliability and performance of the EPB-Si avoids the need for a separate park gear lock. Furthermore, its proven low residual torque  contributes to a higher range in electric vehicles. The encapsulated design of the EPB-Si unit results in low levels of corrosion when compared to conventional brakes, while maintaining low degrees of emission particles.  

Benefits & Features

  • Simple Operation via the EPB switch
  • Improved comfort and safety
  • Advantages in package, weight and cost
  • Emergency Brake Function in event of failures with high decel and stability
  • Plug and play system for OEM
  • Implementation of various assistance functions for safety and comfort
  • Interchangeable between automatic and manual apply
  • EPB functionality and comfort  in A/B class vehicles
  • Freedom for interior design

To meet increasing requirements in regard of safety, comfort and networking the electric parking brake is progressively replacing the mechanical hand brakes. The EPB based on drum brakes is ideal for use in electric vehicles.  In addition to the improved safety and comfort for the customers it offers the car manufacturers more freedom and options for the vehicle interior design and driver assistance systems installation.  

Technical Information

less power consumption

Gear concept with high efficiency

< 1s

Short application times

from 7" to 9" up to 2000kg GVW

Brake sizes

from 10" to 11" up to 3000kg GVW

Brake sizes

all applications

One actuator design for

to VDA 2 open interface

All EPB functionality acc.

Top Highlights

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