Connectivity Box

Today’s end customers are always connected and Connectivity has emerged as a key element in the 2-Wheeler world as well. The Continental connectivity box facilitates seamless functionalities for safety and comfort of the 2 Wheeler users. The connectivity module apart from facilitating typical automotive wireless functions like Keyless start, tire pressure monitoring will also serve as a melting point of CE(Consumer electronics) world to the automotive world. Ready for future use cases, in which consumers use many different devices to experience compelling new services based on the cloud data.

Benefits & Features

  • System integration expertise for safety & infotainment
  • Smart Phone Connectivity for turn by turn navigation, Call Alerts, SMS
  • Integration to Bluetooth based wearable devices like Head-up-Display helmet
  • Access & Security (Bike Finder / Comfort-Go / Immobilizer)
  • Integration to Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors
  • System allows expandability to future use-cases like e-Call, BCall, Remote diagnostics
  • Supports the general diagnostic framework of automotive ECUs
  • Scalable hardware and software components fulfilling specific functional requirements of the customer

Technical Information

Bluetooth 2 Channel, Wi-Fi, RF-Receiver (433/315 MHz), LF (125kHz)

CAN 2.0b, USB 2.0, Ethernet

Operating Temp. -30°C ... +70°C

Protection Class IP67

Operating Voltage 8V ... 16V


Advanced motorcycle connectivity solutions (PDF | EN)

Product Highlights