Exciting Mobility

Shaping the future of mobility is what drives us every day - and it just keeps getting better! For us, mobility means more than just getting from one place to another – the “how” is decisive. It is the interplay of the latest and most advanced innovations to create an exciting driving experience. Our unique solutions ensure that driving pleasure and safety do not have to be compromised. By combining convenient design approaches with the latest technologies, we create an advanced and appealing surrounding for passengers to enjoy a highly personalized space to feel comfortable in. Get on board and feel the joy. 

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Curved Ultrawide Display

Curved display across the entire vehicle width: New display unites design and technology.  


Scenic View Head-up Display

No more either-or when it comes to vehicle displays -  With the new Scenic View head-up display (HUD), users no longer have to choose between the intuitive presentation of  a HUD for the driver and the sharp image quality of a classic display  for the driver and front passenger. The solution lies in a black area at the bottom of the windshield onto which all relevant information is played. Environmental factors such as light rays or the view through polarizing sunglasses do not impair the readability of the pillar-to-pillar display. Pillar-to-pillar means that  three screens are connected  and used in a hidden manner. This means that even front-seat passengers can conveniently view everything relevant at any time while driving.