Breaking Ice, Breaking Ground:

Continental's Global Innovation Showcase!

Discover the Future of Mobility at our Winter Customer Presentation in Sweden and US, our Winter Tech Rides in Japan and China Ride & Drive Event!

March 19, 2024 - We test our technologies under extreme weather conditions and are committed to pushing the boundaries of safety and motion technology, proving the innovativeness and leading-edge performance of our products and solutions in challenging environments. We have showcased our latest safety innovations at four major events: the Winter Customer Presentation in Arvidsjaur, Sweden and Brimley, US, the Winter Tech Rides in Mombetsu, Japan as well as the China Ride & Drive Event in Heihe, China.

Uniting Arvidsjaur, Heihe, Mombetsu and Brimley: Extreme Testing Grounds for Cutting-Edge Technology

All four winter events share extreme weather conditions, making them ideal locations for rigorous winter testing. Our Continental Automotive teams have converged on these locations to put their latest technologies to the test, demonstrating their reliability and performance even in the harshest conditions.

Additionally, Continental hosted special events at its Brimley Test Facility in Brimley, MI, showcasing its groundbreaking innovations to several customers in February. These events brought together multiple engineering, advanced systems, and management team members from each customer for a fruitful exchange and discussion about our products features.

Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

At the Winter Customer Presentation in Arvidsjaur, we present a wide range of  innovative products and systems designed to address the evolving demands of the automotive industry. From wheel brakes to Electronic Brake Systems, Continental Automotive showcases solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and performance across various vehicle architectures.

The highlight of the event is the merge of electric drive and brakes into our innovative Drive-Brake Unit.  

DeepDrive Drive brake Unit

This is our next step on the way to a complete corner module that seamlessly will integrate electric in-wheel drive, brakes, suspension, and steering. This technology might revolutionize the industry, providing our customers with benefits in regard to efficiency, functionality and manufacturing. It will enable extraordinary new features such as crab-walk parking and zero-turn capabilities.

Meanwhile, at the China Ride & Drive Event in Heihe, we demonstrate the capabilities of our technologies in real-world driving scenarios. From electronic to semi-dry and dry brake systems, from  sensor solutions  for electric vehicles to modular software products to address the trend of  Software Defined Vehicle (SDV).  Attendees had the opportunity to experience Continental's cutting-edge solutions firsthand.

Pioneering Solutions for Future Mobility Challenges


Continental's innovations are driven by the need to adapt to the rapid transformation of the automotive industry. As trends like electrification, automated driving, digitalization, and central high-performance computers (HPC) reshape vehicle software and E/E architecture. The company is at the forefront of developing solutions to meet the resulting requirements. Besides the mentioned technological trends, our customers expect our products and systems to become more and more sustainable, to support the decarbonization of mobility as well as circular economy using more recycled materials and extended lifespan of our products.

Our software solutions, like  Holistic Motion Control (HMC), are paving the way for safer, more efficient and smarter vehicles that are ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

We understand the challenges facing the automotive industry, from electrification to digitalization. That's why our innovations are designed to meet wide-ranging changes and new requirements head-on.


Pavel Prouza

Head of Segment Motion Technologies and Services, Business Area Safey and Motion at Continental Automotive

One of the key highlights is Continental's Future Brake System (FBS) , which represents the next technology leap in brake systems. By replacing the hydraulic actuation with an electro-mechanic actuator, FBS offers improved efficiency, enhanced safety features, and simplified production processes, paving the way for the next generation of vehicles.

Looking Towards the Future

As Continental continues to push the boundaries of innovation, events like the Winter Customer Presentation in Sweden or Brimley and China Ride & Drive Event serve as platforms to showcase their latest breakthroughs. With a focus on collaboration, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Continental remains committed to driving the future of mobility forward.

DeepDrive Drive brake Unit

At Continental, innovation isn't just a buzzword; it's our driving force. Safe mobility is our daily driver – one of, if not the strongest driver you can have in the automotive sector. Safety and Motion is our passion – saving lives, our dedication. Together, let's shape the future of mobility and drive towards a safer, more sustainable world.


Dennis Fritsch

Head of Active Safety and Controls, Business Area Safey and Motion at Continental Automotive

Stay tuned for more updates on Continental Automotives groundbreaking innovations and their impact on the automotive industry.


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