Advanced Radar Sensor


Short Range Radar

SRR52x is a high performance 77GHz short range radar sensor for various premium backward & forward looking applications. Its small package can be integrated flexible and robust behind several kinds of painted bumpers.

Benefits & Features

  • Object List / Blind Spot Warning / Lane Change Assist (Type IIIc) / Rear Cross Traffic Alert (with Braking) / Front Cross Traffic Alert (with Braking) / Rear Pre Crash Sensing / Occupant Safe Exit / Avoidance of Lateral Collision
  • Blockage detection / Auto alignment
  • LED Driver / up to two mountside IDs
  • Ethernet interface
  • Safety Integrity Level according to ISO 26262: up to ASIL-B
  • Frequency approval compliance for following core countries: European union / Russia / USA / Canada / Japan / South Korea / China / Australia

Technical Information

83 x 68 x 22 mm (w/o connector)


~135 g


100 m @ 0°


± 90° detection / ± 75° measurement

Field of View

50 ms

Update Rate

± 0.07 kph

Speed Meas. acc.

-40° to +85°

Temp. Range

4.2 W

Power Dissip.


Supply Voltage

76…77 GHz

Operation Frequency

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