Control Unit

Safety & Motion Integration Platform

High computing power is the need of  the hour to centrally carry out the  multiple tasks surrounding the safety and motion of the vehicle. The Safety  and Motion Integration Platform is the  central management platform of vehicle  motion, energy management and all  non-AD enhanced safety functions. It  communicates on the main vehicle  busses and controls the motion-related  and energy-management-related sub-ECUs.

Benefits & Features

  • High computing power to carry out multiple tasks
  • Integration platform in one Box, reduction of complexity within the E/E-architecture
  • Abstraction of single chassis or multiple functions like powertrain actuators and sensors
  • Enabling a simplified functional architecture by integration of all motion-related and energy-management-related functions
  • Protected by Continental Cyber Security solutions

Technical Information



~2.000 to 14.000


Up to ASIL D

Autosar Classic

Com: Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, LIN

Optional input(s): HW I/O

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