Cockpit HPC

The Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) is the one-box solution for all cluster and infotainment functions. It is the heart of the user experience in the car and enables maximum personalization for drivers and passengers. Continental provides the full set of hardware and software building blocks to provide customized Cockpit HPCs solutions for any vehicle architectures.

Benefits & Features

  • Scalable and fully customizable Cockpit HPC portfolio from entry up to high-end
  • Further integration with e.g. ADAS visualization and cabin sensing
  • Digital twin and tool landscape for efficient development for all involved parties
  • Unprecedented power for great user experience and driving e.g. 3D lightfield display and augmented reality HUD

Technical Information

Cockpit HPC as central standalone ECU

Designed to drive more than 3 displays for augmented and virtual reality, as well as a 3D lightfield

6 or more cameras can be connected

NPU for AI acceleration

Up to 7 tuners

Hypervisor with Linux for cluster and Android for infotainment

Liquid cooling possible

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