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Tread Depth Monitoring    

TDM - best in class technology - embedded into ECU and cloud based machine learning.

What is Tread Depth Monitoring about?

Sensors provide the vehicle driver already today with important information on the status of the vehicle. These data will be used for Tread Depth Monitoring (TDM) to bring the usage to a next level.

TDM can be used for multiple use cases:

  • OEMs and Dealers can use this signal to improve customer loyalty to direct advertise Tire change when it is really needed, which helps OEM dealers to increase Tire sales and replace especially for Electric vehicles dropping after sales.
  • Alert the driver to change the tire for increased safety
  • Predictive maintenance for fleets.

Best in class technology out of embedded solutions and cloud based machine learning. Embedded Software runs realtime accurate pre-processing with high frequency in the vehicle. High computing and machine learning capacity in the cloud links multiple vehicle data together.
By creating a data flow from the car to the cloud, algorithms interpreting the data work with a much bigger database – not just data from one car. This is part of a learning-system approach constantly improving the analysis. By using the computing power and data storage capacity of the cloud, the incremental cost of installing more computing power and memory in every vehicle can be avoided.

Tread Depth Monitoring Tread Depth Monitoring

Benefits & Features

  • TDM signal towards OEM/Dealer
  • Display of “Check Tire Profile” information when TD is below 1st threshold.
  • Predictive maintenance for fleets

Technical Information



Independent from TPMS supplier

Independent from Tire supplier

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