Door Control Units

Control Center for Various Functions in the Door Area

Door Control Units control all components and functions installed in the door zone and make the use and operation of the doors convenient and safe.


Door Control Units – The Control Center for Various Functions in the Door Area

To efficiently control the increasing number of components and functions installed in the door zone such as switches and sensors, actuators and interior lighting components, many vehicle manufacturers are implementing dedicated Door Control Units (DCUs).

The application of one single control unit, responsible for all of those area related functions offers a number of advantages. The OEM can design individual and cost optimized vehicle architectures by using customized DCUs.

Integrating several functions into one central ECU (electronic control unit) also means less stand-alone components and wiring harnesses. Therefore Door Control Units also support the reduction of weight and overall energy consumption. Our Door Control Units allow enhanced comfort and safety for the use and operation of all door-related functions, such as window and mirror control, central door locking and door zone illumination. A combination with other functionalities of the door zone like seat adjustment, power sunshade or power door is also possible.
With our anti-pinch and sensorless positioning functionalities we offer industry benchmark technologies for the power window control.

Furthermore, we provide a modular and scalable platform design to deploy multiple features in the door area.

Door Control Units – Enhanced Convenience and Advantages all around for Doors

The door system or Door Control Unit (DCU) makes the use and operation of the doors as convenient as possible. It offers, for instance, an electrical window lift with anti pinch protection, closing and locking functions (including child security lock), side mirror functionality, and convenience and interior lighting in the door handle. It communicates with other components via a CAN/LIN bus.

The electronic components can be designed as motor-integrated or stand-alone (only DCU) units depending on the functional content and the electrical architecture in the door zone.

Benefits & Features

  • Less stand-alone components in the doors
  • Optimized wiring harness architecture in the doors
  • Reduced weight and energy consumption
  • Highly adaptable system to various vehicles and architectures
  • Supports either 2-DCU or 4-DCU vehicle architecture
  • Door Control Unit can set the base for future zonal vehicle architectures

Technical Information

32 bit



Communication interface

Front-Drives-Rear (optional)


Highly integrated for driving smart actuators


AUTOSAR compatible module


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