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Smart Autonomous Door

Convenience of a Butler and Enabler for Automated Driving

Smart Autonomous Doors provide a convenient, safe as well as fully autonomous door opening and closing via a smart device and pave the way for future automated driving


Our Smart Autonomous Door offers a fully autonomous and safe door opening and closing via a smart device. It reduces the physical effort for passengers during door operations and increases safety in road traffic by preventing accidents or damages via the integrated obstacle detection function.

Continental’s Smart Autonomous Door is a necessary feature for automated driving. Driverless vehicles must be able to open and close their doors automatically to allow passengers to get in or out conveniently.

The Smart Autonomous Door combines our PASE system with the Power Door Control functionality. The PASE system (hands-free access and start) triggers an automatic and contact-less unlocking of the vehicle doors via a smart device whereas our Power Door functionality initiates a controlled but automatic opening of the door. During these operations the passengers as well as the vehicle are protected against damages by our industry-benchmark anti-pinch functionality as well as our Intelligent Door Brake System.

Smart Autonomous Door In Action

Benefits & Features

  • Smart Autonomous Doors offer a safe and fully autonomous door opening and closing via a smart device.
  • Anti-pinch functionality as well as the Intelligent Door Brake System ensure highest safety for passengers, vehicles and traffic.
  • Assist-mode significantly reduces the physical effort for the passengers to open and close the doors, especially by compensating external influences such as inclination or wind.
  • Touchless obstacle detection with collision avoidance sensors triggers automatic door stops to avoid damages to the vehicle as well as accidents with people.
  • Contains an emergency release for vehicle access even when the vehicle’s battery is low.
  • Winner of the CES 2019 Innovation Award and already in serial production since 2021.

Technical Information

  • Power Door functionality controls door actuators and provides different operation modes:
    • Hold mode for infinite door locking position
    • Assist mode to support user forces and inclination compensation
    • Automatic mode to enable full autonomous door opening and closing
  • Hands-free access enabled via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / Ultrawide-Band (UWB) and Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Easy integration via LIN and CAN
  • Highly customizable standalone ECU in mechanics, connector, and dimensions
  • Force-detected anti-pinch functionality
  • Power Door actuator provided by our mechatronic partners
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