Passive and Integrated Safety

Airbag Control Unit (ACU) - Compact

The entry level ACU Compact is the basic version of the Passive Safety Electronic System for automotive OEMs in emerging markets.

It provides the elementary features for front and rear  impact protection by front airbags and belt pretensioners. The  extended version can be additionally equipped with side impact  protection and seat belt reminding functions. Each version of the  ACU Compact shares the optimized safety concept of the SAFE  platform. SAFE is a modular safety platform that allows an  economical and efficient safety control unit development according  to the needs of automotive OEMs worldwide.

Benefits & Features

  • Scalable low-cost design for emerging markets
  • Optimized safety concept (SAFE-based)
  • Flexibility and cost optimization through modular building blocks
  • Adaptable to customer-specific requirements
  • Modular concept for reduced development effort and time-to-market

Technical Information

Contains front and rear impact detection and discrimination function

Optional side impact detection and discrimination

Basic version controls 4 firing loops and a satellite sensor

Extended version supports up to 16 firing loops and 8 satellites

Optional seat belt reminding function

Top Highlights

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