Advanced Radar Sensor

SSR630 & LSR630

Satellite Radar Sensors

The 77GHz Surround- and Long-Range Satellite Radar sensors (SSR/LSR) offer radar performance based on the foundation of the Continental Radar Generation 6 sensors. Used in vehicle architectures with a central control unit for central radar processing (in contrast to standalone radar sensors) therefore overcoming processing limitations (for Fusion & Features). A satellite radar system enables the achievement of high system performance at an affordable price.

Benefits & Features

  • Radar head providing input to external fusion and function host
  • Raw data output enabling low-level data fusion
  • Less than one radar cycle system latency
  • High range coverage and angular accuracy
  • SSR provides mode for 79GHz-Synthetic Aperture Radar for highest resolution near field perception
  • Elevation measurement capability
  • Blockage detection / auto alignment
  • Highly sophisticated interference mitigation concept for maximum robustness against interference from foreign & internal sources (up to 10 different Continental radar sensors per car)
  • Powerful EVITA Full Security Hardware
  • Safety Integrity Level according to ISO 26262: ASIL-B
  • Frequency approval compliance for following core countries - European union / Russia / USA / Canada / Japan / South Korea / China / Australia

Technical Information

LSR: 70 x 55 x 22 mm


SSR: 70 x 55 x 19 mm (w/o con.)


LSR630: 280m (car, motorcycle)


LSR630: 175m (pedestrian)


SSR630: 200m (car, motorcycle)


SSR630: 105m (pedestrian)


±66° (LSR630); ±81° (SSR630)

Field of View

1Gbps / 100 Mbps

Communication interfaces

50 ms

Update Rate

LSR: Mode1: 0,020…0,051 m/s | Mode2: 0,029…0,074 m/s | Mode3: 0,033…0,086 m/s | Mode4: 0,037…0,096 m/s

Accuracy of the speed measurement (determination done on central ECU)

SSR: 0,007…0,081 m/s

Accuracy of the speed measurement (determination done on central ECU)

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