Smart Mobility

Connected Infotainment Box (CIB)

The CIB enables motorcycles to be 'always on' without an active smartphone connection. This increases both safety and riding comfort.

Connectivity Box - Concept

Today's end consumers are always connected, and connectivity now plays a crucial role in the world of two-wheelers as well. Continental's Connectivity Box enables seamless functionalities for the safety and comfort of motorcycle users.

In addition to wireless access to typical vehicle functions (keyless start, tire pressure monitoring, etc.), the connectivity module also serves as an interface between consumer electronics and the vehicle. It also supports future application possibilities, allowing customers to access new and appealing cloud-based services through their various devices.


Advanced motorcycle connectivity solutions (PDF | EN)

Technical Specifications

Protection Class IP67

Operating Voltage 8V ... 16V

CAN 2.0b, USB 2.0, Ethernet

Bluetooth 2 Channel, Wi-Fi, RF-Receiver (433/315 MHz), LF (125kHz)

Operating Temp. -30°C ... +70°C

Features & Benefits

  • System integration expertise for safety & infotainment
  • Smart Phone Connectivity for turn by turn navigation, Call Alerts, SMS
  • Integration to Bluetooth based wearable devices like Head-up-Display helmet
  • Access & Security (Bike Finder / Comfort-Go / Immobilizer)
  • Integration to Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensors
  • System allows expandability to future use-cases like e-Call, BCall, Remote diagnostics
  • Supports the general diagnostic framework of automotive ECUs
  • Scalable hardware and software components fulfilling specific functional requirements of the customer

Product Highlights

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