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Our Sensors for Electric Vehicles

As the focus of global mobility increasingly shifts to electric vehicles, we have developed new and innovative solutions to further ensure the highest levels of road safety in and around every vehicle. Our  unique sensors designed specifically for electric mobility protect essential components of the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) by detecting harmful impacts, monitoring key parameters and ensuring efficient operation. In this way, our sensors increase the accuracy and efficiency of future electric mobility.

Battery Impact Detection

Battery Impact Detection

The Battery Impact Detection (BID) system detects harmful impacts to the high-voltage battery to improve vehicle safe.

High Voltage Current Sensor Module

The Current Sensor Module (CSM) continuously monitors the current and temperature to ensure long-term durability of the high-voltage battery.

High Voltage Current Sensing Module
e-Motor Rotor Position Sensor

e-Motor Rotor Position Sensor

The e-Motor Rotor Position Sensor (eRPS) accurately measures the angular position of the rotor shaft in synchronous electro-motors to ensure efficient operation.

e-Motor Rotor Speed Sensor

The e-Motor Rotor Speed Sensor (eRSS) measures the speed and direction of asynchronous motors and provides the information directly to the inverter with high accuracy.

e-Motor Rotor Speed Sensor eRSS
Digital Temperature Sensor

Digital Temperature Sensor

The Digital Temperature Sensor with its minimum intrusive design improves the performance and sustainability of the Thermal Management System of electric vehicles.

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