Safety Engineering Services

Integrated Safety Systems



Our Portfolio


  • Project management
  • Algorithm development for radar and camera sensors
  • Algorithmus Test und Resimulation Systemtest and driving tests  
  • Vehicle Set-Up and integration

  • Connectivity solutions for truck applications (e.g. Platooning)
  • Safety-Applications and system-solutions for "SmartIntersections"
  • System competence for Vehicle-to-X applications (DSRC & ITS-G5)
  • V2X system test on vehicle level (Passenger Cars & Trucks)

  • Simulation and test of integrated safety systems
  • Development of new restraint solutions for new vehicle interior concepts for AD
  • Fusion of active and passive sensor systems
  • PreCrash situation analysis  

  • Integration of safety components and data acquisition unit
  • Verification of algorithm
  • System validation
  • Test tools

  • Requirements Engineering
  • System Architecture
  • Functional Safety Management

  • Requirements Engineering (L2 => L3, L3 => Test)
  • SW Module Development
  • SW Project Management
  • SW Test Management

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