Phone Key-less Entry Demonstration

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Convenient and secure.


Continental's smart device based access and start solution.

CoSmA allows the driver to access and start the vehicle by using a digital key on a smart device. Offering a completely new user experience, this system meets the demands of the mobile society with a new level of comfort, security and new mobility  functionalities.

Ultra-wideband technology for keyless vehicle access

Continental is a pioneer of the car access system integration: We digitalize the access experience for a maximum driver convenience. With our new access systems based on Ultra-Wideband, we enable a handsfree smartphone access with the same level of convenience as with state-of-the-art keys.

Technical Solution

Precise localization is key

  • Short-range, high-bandwidth communication based on UWB technology
  • Centimeter-precise location (ToF/ Time-Of-Flight) of smart device and secure distance measurement
  • Realtime precise positioning calculation (inside / outside vehicle fulfilling Thatcham)
  • Advanced algorithm to detect inside-outside location of smartphone
  • UWB/ Bluetooth® Low Energy transceivers inside and outside of vehicle
  • NFC as backup solution


The New Key Generation

  • Hands-free access and start
  • High performance relay attack defense
  • Enhanced smart device localization via UWB
  • Precise proximity determination to support secure access and start authentication
  • Virtual Key Management
  • Enabler for Digital Key Sharing and user centric functions e.g. remote parking (Complete UWB eco-system)
  • ​Full system solution expertise including Connected Car Consortium compliance in all access technologies

     Picture Copyright: BMW

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