Fist Type Caliper FNt

Low drag potential contributes to reduce CO2 emissions and enhancing the fuel economy.

New Fist type Caliper meets the latest costumer and market requirements. Low drag potential contributes to reduce CO2  emissions and enhancing the fuel economy. Advanced NVH robustness is the key feature to assure customer satisfaction.
The new Fist Type Caliper FNt shows superior NVH and very low close to zero drag torque performance.

Benefits & Features

  • High level of stiffness in smallest available packaging space
  • Stiff Anchor with fist sided beam & new housing spring
  • Sporty appearance - No clamping pockets in visible area
  • Pulled brake pads to assure even pad wear
  • Reduced weight and cost optimized
  • Best corrosion behavior in the field
  • Optional: Active pad retraction feature for zero drag
  • Optional: Design plates & coloring

Technical Information

Scalable design for small vehicle up to performance midsize cars

Available in cast iron as well as aluminum

Scalable piston diameter as well as piston material

Top Highlights

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