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MODEX Show 2024 

Intralogistics solutions from Continental

Continental presents its Autonomous Mobile Robot for Intralogistics at MODEX

March 01, 2024 -  With our in-house developed Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) we are presenting a go-to solution for automating material handling processes in manufacturing plants, warehouses and distribution centers at the MODEX Show 2024.

Customers can choose between three main use cases Lifting Unit, Top Roller and Load Module.

Lifting Unit

  • Thanks to its integrated lifting function, the AMR can drive autonomously under trolleys or carts, lift them, and transport them to their destination. With its ultra-compact design and payload of up to 1.200 kg (2,600 lbs), the AMR performs all work completely autonomously. The maximum speed of the robot is up to 2 m/s.

Top Roller

  • If an interlinking of existing conveyor systems with the AMR material flow is planned, Continental's AMR is a good choice in this application area thanks to a partnership with ROEQ. Coordinated with each other, the automated pick-up and delivery of or to roller conveyors such as high-bay warehouses or production lines becomes market benchmark. The safety for workers and machines is guaranteed by the robot's 360-degree environment detection.

Load Module

  • The goods are automatically approached from defined transfer stations, lifted out of the station, and transported to their destination. For transporting pallets important features, such as intelligent obstacle detection, guarantee safety during pickup, transport, unloading or transfer to the load station. Integrated in a defined infrastructure, maximum efficiency is now orchestrated by the right system settings.

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