Stand-alone, contactless, active sensor providing the speed and  direction of the transmission shafts by detecting the rotation of a  ferromagnetic or magnetic encoder wheel mounted on the input  and output shafts.

Speed signal is required by the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) to  control the transmission system, adjusting properly the shaft  speeds before engaging and disengaging the different gears.

Benefits & Features

  • “Intelligent sensor“ through full integration : configurable algorithms for self-calibration
  • Cost effective, flexible and customisable compact design
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Robust PCB-less design
  • Extensive worldwide field experience
  • Robust against air gap jumps and vibrations

Technical Information

Magnetic Sensing principle

signal conditioning, sensor self diagnosis

Fully integrated solution

Pulse width according the rotation direction (configurable) or PWM

Open-drain output

Stand-still pulse optional

regulated 5V or battery voltage

Supply voltage

-40 up to 160°C

Temperature range

> 2.0mm

Airgap max

0 to 22kHz

Speed range

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