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Switchable Privacy Displays

100% Entertainment. 0% Distraction.


In the short term, passenger displays will become mainstream for seamless mobility. For a holistic user experience the passenger display should be able to show content visible to all passengers in the car. In addition, the co-driver needs the possibility for interaction with the passenger display. Watching movies is one essential entertainment aspect for in-car infotainment.

However, the driver must not get distracted by movies or other media that is used by the co-driver. Therefore, the passenger display must be able to be switched into a state, where the driver cannot see screen content of the person sitting next to them.

Benefits & Features

  • Our new Switchable Privacy Display allows to fulfill highest automotive quality requirements for contrast and brightness.  
  • Avoidance of driver distraction: the driver is not distracted while the passenger is watching a movie
  • Co-driver/passenger information and entertainment
  • Welcome scenario for all passengers
  • Information system/entertainment station
  • Digital deco element
  • Compact packaging, narrow border, slim design
  • 100% image quality, 0% distraction

Technical Information


The combination of two unique backlight units with dedicated illumination profiles for public and private mode allows showing the screen content either for all passengers, or if needed only for the co-driver. The private mode is created by a strongly directed light that is fully visible only from the co-drivers viewing angle, while less than one percent is visible for the driver.

  • Innovative lightguide technology generates   directed light and enables switchable viewing angles
  • 12.3” (1920x720) touchscreen display
  • Dual backlights for public mode and privacy mode with high luminance
  • Public mode for all passengers
  • Private mode for co-driver only

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