KIBES® Architecture

KIBES® Key to Integrated Onboard Electronic System

KIBES® hard- and software package combines the advantages of an off-the-shelf system with the flexibility of a customer-specific solution.

Increasing requirements for efficiency, comfort and functionality affect the development of modern vehicles. The KIBES® hardware and software package from Continental can meet the challenge to fulfill them and combines the advantages of an off-the-shelf system with the flexibility of a customer-specific solution. With our KIBES® product portfolio, we provide an   efficient development tool chain that offers a scalable and flexible network system at a reasonable price, making buses, trucks and special vehicles more powerful, efficient and reliable.

  • The KIBES® system will help to optimize the OEM application - by reducing wirings, connectors, relays, and fuses the vehicle will become more reliable.
  • The costs for wiring up the vehicle, as well as the expenses for documentation service and maintenance, will significantly drop.
  • Thanks to the KIBES® software tools, the integration and testing of application software is easy to handle and it supports flexible business models.
Graphic image of a commercial vehicle fleet whose onboard electronics can be developed with KIBES. From left to right: black semi-trailer truck with trailer bearing the Continental logo. Silver coach. Yellow-green tractor. Green combine harvester. Yellow excavator.

KIBES® – Always stay in control

Advantages and Base Systems

The flexible network system of KIBES® allows an easy addition or removal of several components and it also simplifies the maintenance and troubleshooting of the vehicle. Vehicles can be operated more safely and reliably due to built-in diagnostic features like short-circuit protection, open-load and over-temperature detection.

The minimized amount of wirings, connectors, relays and fuses allow for the vehicle weight and installation time to be significantly reduced, as well as the documentation service and maintenance costs.

At the same time, the vehicle reliability can be improved through high quality components that are carefully tested and validated not only on a component basis, but also on system level.

With some devices safety relevant functions compliant to   ISO 26262 can be supported up to ASIL B. The customer enjoys high flexibility and will be able to program also these functions on his own by using the KIBES® tool chain and considering the KIBES®-5 safety manual.