Central HPC

Continental provides Central High-Performance Computers solutions, whereby different configurations are possible (e.g. Central HPC with exchangeable modules or fully integrated Central HPC). This is how Continental serves the market trend to further centralize computing power.

Benefits & Features

  • Space-saving due to integration of several HPC modules into one box
  • Flexible, modular approach with exchangeable HPC modules
  • Reuse of modules in multiple vehicles without re-design allows faster time-to-market
  • Thermal management by a powerful integrated fluid cooling system
  • Internal PCIe bus for high bandwidth communication between the several HPC modules
  • Integrated DC/DC power supply with redundancy for safety purposes
  • Modular or customer specific external connectors with high-speed communication interfaces and high-current power supply
  • Simplified warranty repairs

Technical Information

Cross function/domain integration: AD, Cockpit, Body, Safety & Motion

HPC integration: fully or partly integrated or modular approach

Fluid cooling performance: up to 1KW

Internal communication busses, e.g.: CAN, I²C, LIN, GB ETH, PCIe

External communication busses, e.g.: CAN, LIN, GB ETH, PCIe

Internal Power supply: DC/DC up to ~1KW with 12V power supply from vehicle (other voltages are possible)

Dimensions: customer specific

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