Consolidating strengths for a robust truck and special vehicles unit

Continental Automotive bundles all Commercial and Special Vehicles businesses under one roof

In a strategic move, we have formed a robust Commercial and Special Vehicles (CSV) segment, bringing together individual segments to create a consolidated unit for the logistics and special vehicle industry. The consolidation harnesses collective forces and resources, paving the way for enhanced services and future readiness. In addition, banking on the expertise Automotive has from passenger car business.

With a clear commitment to the market, the new organization strengthens our position as a strong and reliable partner for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), fleets and workshops. With over 3000 dedicated R&D resources, we will focus on diverse business opportunities and expand into new innovative business models beyond passenger vehicles.

Enhancing the portfolio

This new organization will offer a holistic truck and special vehicle portfolio out of one hand:

  • Sensors and Electronics, incl. High Performance Computers
  • Telematics units, Domain-Controllers, Electrification, Display-Technologies, ADAS Sensors and Systems and connected services
  • Tachographs for serial and aftermarket needs
  • Compliance and fleet management services

Integration into Autonomous Mobility (AM) business area

Recognizing the increasing significance of safety and automation in these markets, the CSV organization will be integrated into the Autonomous Mobility business area and operate as a self-sufficient business segment. This strategic integration not only fosters synergies but also reinforces our efforts to facilitate seamless scalability of sensor and system solutions and our commitment towards automated driving.

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