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Software for Future Mobility

Innovative software solutions made by Continental

Software Solutions

From the “Classic” Architecture to the Software-defined Vehicle

With software solutions from Continental, you always get experience, quality and expertise.

We have been in the automotive software business for over 25 years and have developed more than 300 separate software solutions with 10,000 software engineers and AI experts.

We are currently at ~1 million software builds per month.

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From Hardware to Software Product Solutions

What makes us so powerful as a partner for automotive software? We know the challenges and have the right answers.

Why should you use software products from Continental?  We know the requirements and have proven software products.

Increasing complexity in integration

  • Extensive experience in managing complexity
  • and integration
  • Toolset that provides software quickly and reliably

Continuous software deliveries over the lifecycle  

  • Providing SW updates for 15+ years
  • Agile and DevOps-based processes
  • High quality, greater speed and flexibility

Speed-up time to market

  • Decoupling SW from hardware utilizing CAEdge framework (e.g., virtual ECU)
  • From developers' PC into the vehicle in one day    

Series & OEM qualified

  • Develop and deliver high-quality software that complies with automotive standards and OEM specifications

Flexible collaboration and business models

  • Continental Cooperation Portal (CCP) as a collaboration tool
  • License models for SaaP and SaaS
  • OEM-specific adaptations provided as source code

State-of-the-art technology and innovation

  • Worldwide activities for high quality state of the art solutions
  • In-depth trend scouting and innovations
  • Comprehensive solutions for SDV (CAEdge, vECU, Concept Car)

Long-term maintenance and support capability

  • Lifespan updateability of software products  
  • Providing development and testing tools

Versatile software products

  • Flexible software portfolio
  • Secure compatibility of all functionalities
  • Customizing to the customer's E/E architecture
Software-defined vehicle key visual

Road to Cloud Ecosystem

Enable. Develop. Integrate. In the software-defined vehicle (SDV), functions are enabled by software. Decoupling software from hardware enables swift and continuous development, testing & implementation of new functions and software updates throughout the vehicle lifetime.  

Our approach:

The road to cloud ecosystem. Within this we deliver:  

  • enabling technologies,  
  • hardware components and  
  • software solutions and functions.
road to cloud ecosystem functionalities and enabler

Software Solutions

Our software portfolio as part of the road to cloud ecosystem covers a wide range of automotive and industry functions. Our offer: solutions for every aspect of the software-defined vehicle and the right Software as a Product for a wide range of different functional areas.  

With our Manage & Scale solutions we offer the appropriate tools for the development and operation of hardware and software in the vehicle and in the cloud.

On the Road We Have the Right Safety Technologies

Vehicle Dynamic Function

  • Holistic Motion Control for all vehicle dynamic functions with integrated stability support and signal provider for vehicle state signals.

Passive Safety and Sensorics

Actuator Controls

  • Window Lifter
  • Liftgate Trunklid
  • Latch Lock
  • Power Door
  • Anti-Pinch Algorithm
  • Heating

Access and Start Control

  • Child Presence Detection

Body and Network Controls

  • Washer System/Jet Wiper
  • Exterior Light
  • Antitheft Warning System


Perfect Functions that Inspire Customers


  • Software Defined Radio (SDR)
  • Voice based user interaction and conversational AI (Speech)
  • Digital Assist – eTravel.companion (eTC)
  • ECNR (Echo cancellation & noise reduction)

Cabin Sensing

  • Driver Monitoring
  • Cabin Monitoring

Augmented Reality

  • Augmented Reality Creator for HUD
  • Virtual 3D Environment

Comfort Solutions

  • Intelligent Glass Control
  • Sun Roof/Sun Shade
  • Interior Light
  • Seat Control
  • Thermal Management
  • Cloud-based Personalization
  • Kick Sensing    

Connected Car Solutions

  • Cloud-based Map Streaming
  • Cloud-based Dynamic Road Events

Continental Digital Access Solution

  • Passive Vehicle Access
  • Passive Engine Start Control
  • Remote Vehicle Access Control
  • Remote Parking Control
  • Digital Key Management
  • Users Device Localization
  • Users Device Communication


  • Versatile Cluster Framework
  • Distortion Handling

Innovative Solutions for the Road to Automated Driving


  • Trailer Reverse Assist
  • Auto Parking
  • Charger Alignment Function

Human Vision

  • Transparent Trailer
  • Transparent Vehicle


  • Cruising Companion (Hands off <130 km/h)
  • 2nd GEN ACC with Lateral Guidance (LGA)


  • 3rd GEN Emergency Steer Assist
  • Lane Change/Overtake Assist

Tools and Software Solutions for Development and General Functions


  • Cloud-based development framework incl. workbench
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Virtual ECU (vECU)

Continental Cooperation Portal

  • Continental Cooperation Portal for collaboration with customers and partners during development phases  

Why Continental?

  • Your automotive software partner of choice with proven expertise in vehicle architecture and system integration.
  • We offer software functions as  Software-as-a-Product (SaaP) for safe, exciting and autonomous driving.  
  • Different collaboration and business models.
  • State-of-the-art software development for customer specific and outstanding functionalities.
  • Manage and Scale: different development tools and framework like CAEdge for efficient, safe and faster development, as well as shorter time to market.
  • Virtual ECU (vECU)  in the AWS cloud.
Software-defined vehicle

Reliable, innovative, future-oriented: Software Solutions from Continental.

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