The new ECU platform for Server-Zone vehicle architectures

Zone Control Units

Zone Control Units (ZCU) reduce vehicle network complexity as well as costs by supporting centralized architectures and the increasing separation of soft- and hardware. Additionally, they are a prerequisite for continuous updates, improvements and function deployment services to support the transformation towards the software-defined vehicle.
ZCUs enable a domain independent zonal management of vehicle functions. They consolidate functions in physical zones close to the sensors and actuators and form the middle layer between the server level of the High-Performance Computers and the individual sensors and actuators.

Benefits & Features

  • Domain independent zonal management of vehicle functions
  • Inputs/Output control from sensors and actuators and other ECUs
  • Scalable Smart Power Distribution
  • Communication gateway (Ethernet, CAN/FD, LIN, ...)
  • Full support of security & safety measures (ASIL)
  • Supply of infrastructure functions (power/health management, time synchronous networking, etc.)
  • Modular and scalable platform concept to meet specific customer requirements

Technical Information

Backbone incl. scalable µC strategy, power supply and communication interfaces

Ethernet interface (PHY, Switch) to server/s (HPC/s), CAN (FD)/LIN for zonal network

Supports TSN, UDS master (in the zone)

Standardized E/E and software modules

Smart fusing / switching up to 40 A

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