Over Head Console

Experience a Seamless Blend of Safety and Style

Introducing the Over Head Console, the epitome of safety and sophistication in your vehicle. This advanced console redefines the driving experience by prioritizing your security and convenience on the road.

Benefits & Features

Overhead Console

Evolving from an interior light, the overhead console is a co-pilot - supporting safety, comfort and style.    

The integrated SOS button and microphones ensures immediate assistance during emergencies. Indicator lights for the seat belts and the passenger airbag may provide additional overview for the passenger´s safety.

Opening and closing as well as adjusting the dimming level of the sunroof - the overhead console is the counterpart for these wishes of the driver. There is no separate electronics required to realize these functions.

We support the change to a modern user interface from classical buttons up to a multi-sensoric touch field with active haptical feedback to ensure the least amount of driver's distraction.  

New Design  opportunities  and  space  optimization  can  be  achieved  with  foil  and  carrier  approaches  –Continental  has  with  ContiTech  an expert in  the  family  –  more  differentiaton  for  lower  cost.  Functional  foil  layers  host multi-sensoric  touch  and light. A surface  foil  provides  huge  design  options  from  classical  plastics  up  to  premium  materials  like Alcantara  incorporating  Continental's  In2visible  technology.    

Autonomous  driving  and  enhanced  passenger  safety  require  multiple  sensors  in  the  roof  area. The  overhead  console's  physical  position  is  perfect  to  bundle  this  information  – a  roof  zone. This  information  is  passed  on via  ethernet  for  final  processing  to  the  Central Body Controller /  High Performance Computer.  

The overhead console from Continental is a co-pilot – supporting safety, comfort and style.

Technical Information

  • Indication Lights for Passenger Airbag Status, Seatbelt Reminder, ...
  • Interior Projection Light with pre-configured patterns 
  • Resistive / Capacitive switch input function with haptical feedback,  for lights, roof, heating switches a.s.o. realized by PCB and housing
  • IR Light for Night Vision Support of Interior Cameras
  • Interior-/Ambient-/Mood-Lights with RGB, RGB-Y, RGB-W LEDs controlled based on inputs received from vehicle light master electronics
  • Reading Lights for Driver, Passenger and Rear Seats 
  • Illumination for Switches and Symbols
  • Control of electromechanical sunroof / sunshade with speed control and anti-pinch function according global regulations
  • Control of mono color mood and functional light and/or RGB light stripes integrated in sunroof glass
  • Control of electrically dimmable glass with SPD, PDLC, LC or EC technology
  • Backup / Main Microphone Hub based on digital Audio Bus for Emergency / OnCall / ANC function
  • Sim Card Hub based on digital Audio Bus
  • Radar 60 GHz for Child Presence Detection, Child Animal Left Behind Detection, Seat Occupancy Detection, Anti Theft Protection ...
  • Interior Camera to support Incabine Monitoring Functions
  • Interior Temperature Sensor
  • Light Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Air Quality Sensor
  • Rain-/light-/humidity-/temperature-/air-quality sensor 
  • Interior rear view mirror control 
  • Interior Supervision 
  • Interior and Mood lights
  • Ethernet / CAN-(FD) / LIN Bus Connection with Cyber Security and Flash Over The Air capability
  • Supply-/Gateway functionality
  • Switch illumination / Status lights / Reading lights
  • Integrated switches for Reading Light, SOS, Sunroof / Sunshade and customer defined switches in resistive / capacitive / ToF technology
  • Interior Projection Light with pre-configured patterns 

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