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  • Continental @ IAA 2019
    Continental @ IAA 2019

    Our hub for all information about Continental at IAA 2019.

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  • Morphing Controls
    Morphing Controls

    With Morphing Controls clean vehicle cockpit surfaces become intuitive user interfaces.

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  • “The Garage” – Is it possible to combine small capacity with big power?
    “The Garage” – Is it possible to combine small capacity with big power?

    In the current episode of “The Garage”, our expert Jan explains how the turbocharger & eCompressor technology works.

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  • Motion Controller
    Motion Controller

    The Motion Controller is a key component and enabler for highly automated and autonomous driving.

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  • Mono Camera
    Mono Camera

    Multi-Function Mono Camera for advanced driver assistance functions and automated driving.

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  • Connectivity & Telematics
    Connectivity & Telematics

    Drivers and passengers nowadays expect seamless connectivity solutions, to continue their mobile life in the vehicle.

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  • Overview
    Remote Cloud Key

    Innovative, functional and nearly invisible, our products and services work for your safety, efficiency and convenience.

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