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  • Suppliers of the Year 2017 Awarded
    Suppliers of the Year 2017 Awarded

    550 international guests at Supplier Day 2018 held by the Continental Automotive Group.

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  • Organizational change
    Continental Realigns for Future Mobility

    Continental´s Executive Board decides on one of the largest organizational changes in the company´s history.

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  • Highway Pilot - Apply Now!
    Highway Pilot - Apply Now!

    We're recruiting for the most exciting job in the automotive industry!

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  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
    Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    Here you can find all relevant information and Continental’s solution focusing on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

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  • Cameras

    Here you can find all relevant information and solutions on cameras.

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  • 48 Volt Mild Hybrid
    48 Volt Mild Hybrid

    Here you can find all relevant information and solutions on the topic 48 Volt Mild Hybrid.

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  • Connectivity & Telematics
    Connectivity & Telematics

    With our reliable integration solutions, connecting mobile devices to vehicles is convenient and user-friendly.

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  • Display Systems
    Display Systems

    Clear, intuitive and focused. Our display systems provide easy orientation even in complex driving situations.

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  • Software Functions
    Software Functions

    Enhancing driving dynamics, comfort and safety through software functions

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  • Charging Technologies
    Charging Technologies

    Find out more about Continental’s three-pronged approach to charging.

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  • Overview
    Remote Cloud Key

    Innovative, functional and nearly invisible, our products and services work for your safety, efficiency and convenience.

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  • Holistic Human-Machine Interface
    Holistic Human-Machine Interface

    Our holistic interaction concept: For a dialogue without words between driver and vehicle.

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  • Driving Functions
    Driving Functions

    The driving functions of automated driving not only represent the next step in the evolution of technology, they also provide added value in various ways, especially for the driver.

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