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  • Innovation and patents
    Innovation and patents

    Vehicle networking is indispensable for the future of networked, autonomous and environmentally friendly driving. In this area, however, innovation and fair competition are only possible if modern mobile radio standards and the associated patents can be used by everyone.

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  • Webseminar: High Performance Computer for UX
    Webseminar: High Performance Computer for UX

    High Performance Computer (HPCs) are the basis to create new wow effects in the vehicle. See how HPCs shape the user experience in the cockpit of the future.

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  • Ac2ated Sound
    Ac2ated Sound

    A disruptive solution for your premium sound system.

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  • ARS540

    The ARS540 is a high performance premium long-range radar sensor which enables highly automated driving in combination with other technologies.

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  • Continental and EasyMile
    Continental and EasyMile

    Continental, EasyMile and Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone sign a Joint Venture Memorandum of Understanding.

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  • MK C1 CO₂ Reduction
    MK C1 CO₂ Reduction

    TÜV Test Confirms: Continental MK C1 brake system reduces CO₂ emissions of hybrid vehicles by around 5 g/km.

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  • Morphing Controls
    Morphing Controls

    With Morphing Controls clean vehicle cockpit surfaces become intuitive user interfaces.

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  • Motion Controller
    Motion Controller

    The Motion Controller is a key component and enabler for highly automated and autonomous driving.

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  • Remote Garage Parking
    Remote Garage Parking

    This feature makes parking the vehicle in the garage a lot easier.

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