Software-defined Vehicles

Function as a Product

Function as a Product

A pragmatic approach towards Software-defined Vehicles

In a Software-defined Vehicle, functions are mostly enabled by software. Decoupling software from hardware enables fast and continuous development and implementation of new functions and software updates throughout the vehicle's lifetime.
With Continental’s Function as a Product we offer quickly available and scalable software solutions, supporting our partners to bring the Software-defined Vehicle to live.

Build the Software-defined Vehicles of tomorrow with Continental’s “Function as a Product” portfolio

With Continental’s “Function as a Product” portfolio, we offer a wide range of vehicle backbone functions as fast and cost-efficient off-the-shelf solutions, which are ready to be integrated in x-Domain products. In addition to software assets, we offer various services to ensure seamless integration and maintenance.

We offer x-Domain turnkey solutions covering a wide range of functions in the body and actuators field. Our partners can choose from the full stack of functions – from high-level applications down to real-time and safety critical software assets.

Exemplary Function Software and Services for Body and Actuators Electronics


Technical Information

  • Sensor and actuator x-Domain turnkey solutions
  • Full scale function library available
  • Additional services to ensure seamless integration and maintenance
    • Software assets
    • Long-term maintenance
    • Collaboration services
    • Functions parametrization
    • Integration services
    • Consulting & training

Why Function as a Product?

To unlock the potential of the Software-defined Vehicle, we need to adapt our collaboration, increase standardization, and change our business models across the entire industry. With this we will open up new value streams and provide a truly digital user experience for drivers and passengers of the smartphone on wheels.


Jean-François Tarabbia

Head of Architecture and Networking, Continental

Function as a Product supports our partners at every stage of the Software-defined Vehicles transformation

With our Function as a Product solutions, we enable our partners to develop solutions to market faster while being more cost-efficient.

Our business models allow full flexibility: whether purchasing the entire stack or only specific features. In addition to our software assets, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure a smooth and seamless integration into the vehicle architecture.

  • Our cloud functions enable the use of new technologies and functions not being limited by the vehicle’s hardware
  • ​Shorter time to market with our reusable non-differentiating software assets allows our partners to focus on developing differentiating features
  • Our partners can choose from a full range of solutions from our functions catalog
  • Continental offers the full stack of functions – from high-level applications down to real-time and safety critical software
  • Possibility for OTA upgrades and updates after SOP
  • Our solutions are fully compliant with Automotive cyber security and FSM (Functional Safety Management) requirements
  • Our functions can be easily and cost-effectively configured and re-used across vehicle lines
  • Continental provides additional services such as integration, collaboration and consulting, and offers long term support and maintenance
  • Our high-level functions are developed using model-based design methodology

Why with Continental?


Our vast experience in developing body and actuator electronics make us the partner of choice for realizing the Software-defined Vehicle. Our modular and scalable business models allow our partners full flexibility, while proven function applications are seamlessly integrated into the vehicles.

  • We at Continental know how to manage the complex integration of all components into the overall vehicle system to realize full functionality
  • We support the OEM defining a new E/E vehilce architecture
  • We are a proven and strong collaboration partner for end-to-end solutions and master the complete functions life-cycle - from software development, integration, maintenance and over-the-air updates
  • We have extensive experience in seamlessly integrating third-party software into body and actuator electronics
  • As market leader for body and network electronics with years of experience in all markets, we have a long history in developing backbone functions for vehicles
  • We have already delivered more than 1 billion functions to vehicles and successfully launched all functions for serial production as part of a hardware product
  • As software provider, we have already won business awards for Function as a Product
  • We offer scalable, configurable assets for OEMs at all levels of integration, x-Domain
  • The Continental Cooperation Portal provides a secure and robust environment for OEMs and suppliers to manage complex software projects

Webinar on Function as a Product

With the transition towards Software-defined Vehicles, the current monolithic functions consisting of hardware and software will be scattered across different hardware and software environments.

Function as a Product is an answer to tackle this paradigm shift. Want to learn more about Function as a Product and all the challenges coming along?

Check out our recorded web session on Function as a Product.

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