Assisted and Automated Driving Functions

Software as a Product

A Selection of Driving Functions

 for Assisted and Automated Driving

Innovations are changing the automotive sector as rapidly as vehicles are themselves. With our ideas and technical solutions, we ourselves are driving these changes, from systems that offer greater safety in difficult driving situations to comfort functions for a more relaxing drive. With these novel solutions, we make driving safer and easier at the same time. See for yourself what we have achieved.

Parking Solutions: The right fit

In today’s traffic situation parking can be challenging, time-consuming and nerve wracking.  Therefore, we provide our customers with a scalable and hardware agnostic software stack for automated parking functions.

Data Processing can be either done within our leading sensors systems or on third party hardware. Thus, we are fully prepared to offer cutting-edge solutions that fully focus on our customer needs.

Blind Spot Information System: Your eyes on the road

To make driving safer and autonomous mobility a reality, getting more input of a higher quality is needed. By combining different sensor views, Continental enables OEMs to use relevant data in a cost-effective package. Utilizing our smart cameras and radars, we offer unique views of the surroundings of the vehicle ­– with a scalable and modular system that can fit any carline.

By fusing the input data from cameras and radars, our systems offer a better and more reliable image, making the road safer to use for everybody.

Performance Solutions: Mobility made easy

Performance Solutions

Your next car will be more than just a vehicle. As your trustworthy companion, it can take over the job of driving. We ensure this by providing innovative, reliable and safe best in class features.

It fulfills all requirements for SAE Level 2+ cruising and enables hands-off driving on highways. It can even park itself. The various features of this solution will ensure that your customers’ needs are met.

Premium Solutions: Your personal chauffeur

In our premium tier, we take self-driving to the next level: Companion Premium allows for a completely hands-off experience of mobility. It includes high-performance in all driving domains with premium feature scope for safety, cruising and parking.

Depending on the setup of the car, Companion Premium achieves SAE level 3 up to 4. This gives drivers the freedom to concentrate on something else while travelling. We combine this with trustworthy safety features to make the future of driving accident-free.

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