Continental Automotive Edge Framework

Collaboration at its Best

The Comprehensive Framework for Automotive Software Development

CAEdge is the perfect solution for the development of complex software projects. It is the ecosystem to embrace software-defined vehicles, from architecture to software integration. With the most diverse building blocks, it is the tool set for individual development, optimal collaboration, testing and validation.

CAEdge is a cloud-based framework for:

  • SW development decoupled from HW development
  • Virtualization and simulation
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Validation and improvement of system functions 
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CAEdge Basic Infrastructure

CAEdge Basic Infrastructure is the base for all services in CAEdge. It ensures a secure and convenient usage of the CAEdge services:

  • Security
  • Infrastructure management
  • User management
  • Cost monitoring
  • API management
  • Gateway
  • License handling
  • Notifications
  • Help desk
With CAEdge you can:


your software architecture before you build physical devices.

CAEdge Evaluate includes:

  • Simulated ECUs
  • Configuration of virtual ECUs and network configuration parity
  • Compatible with 3rd party simulation/virtualization tools
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As a developer/architect, I want to simulate vehicle software architectures and ECUs so that I can evaluate deployment of software functions to ECUs, HPC partitions and vehicle architectures independent from production hardware. Hardware development and software development can be parallelized.

CAEdge Evaluate meet the needs of developers

Virtualization with vECU Creator

The Smart Tooling for Development

As an alternative to real hardware kits, it is possible to share simulated devices among the development team to build, deploy, and test.

Every developer can choose a hardware kit or a simulated device as a deployment target and get feedback on the test result.

Virtual ECU-System

Several ECUs are simulated to run ASW functions and their interactions. Targets to test:

  • Automotive SW functions
  • SW modules
  • ECU communication
  • Network/cloud services
With CAEdge you can:


a new function within 1 day in any physical device.

CAEdge Run includes:

  • Hosted service including tool licenses and support
  • White label application (customer specific branding)
  • Open architecture to support integration of 3rd party tools
  • Cloud-based and GDPR compliant solution
  • Cooperation space to facilitate software development across company borders (Continental Cooperation Portal)
  • Workbench for development and deployment of functional software
  • Automation of toolchain for faster development, test and validation
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As a software developer, I want a development kit with core software so that function development can start before production hardware is available.

CAEdge Run is cloud-based Workbench for Software Development

Continental Cooperation Portal

and collaborative integration of software factories.
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With CAEdge you can:


the same target hardware for all developers worldwide instantly.

CAEdge Share includes:

  • HPC Development Kit (HDK): automotive-grade hardware board with flexible SoM sockets including core software based on automotive standards
  • Infrastructure for hardware farm, rack etc.
  • Pre-installed HDKs with SoMs and software
  • Remote access to boards
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As a project manager/test manager, I want to replace physical hardware sample management through remote access to hardware samples as a managed service for software developers and testers.

CAEdge Share includes the HPC Development Kit (HDK) & Hardware Farm

HPC Development Kit

  • Test your applications on automotive grade HW & SW
  • Use the latest non-differentiating Automotive-OS with a cohesive
    toolchain for a fast start incl. Classic/Adaptive Autosar & Linux (from Elektrobit)
  • Connect sensors, actuators and other ECUs to validate your architecture
  • Test the next generation of HPCs suitable for x-domain usage due to modular System on Module (SoM) concept
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Hardware Farm

  • Providing remote hardware access as a service
Hardware Farm functions graphic
With CAEdge you can:


1 million km in simulation at your desk in one day.

CAEdge Drive includes:

  • Automated analytics: meta data extraction and annotation (automatic labeling)
  • Preprocessing (quality check, KPIs etc.)​
  • Privacy, security standards​
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As a Function Developer and FOT Tester (Field Operations Test), I want a cloud-based toolchain with data logistic and ingest, data enrichment, support for simulation and model training tools.

CAEdge Drive is data-driven development

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Our Offerings

for the Software-defined Vehicle
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  • vECU Creator  
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  • Cloud-based Workbench for Software Development
  • Continental Cooperation Portal
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  • Hardware Development Kit HDK 2.0/3.0
  • Hardware Farm
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  • Workbench for Data-driven Development

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