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Joint Forces:

Bundling Tires And Automotive Know-How for Advanced Product Solutions

Synergy of tire sensors and driver assistance control systems

February 16, 2024 -  We stand as the only automotive supplier seamlessly integrating tire, sensor, and chassis control architecture expertise in-house. By bundling our tires and automotive know-how, we have been at the forefront of developing smart solutions that enhance safety, driving comfort, reduce maintenance costs, and promote sustainability. And this already for over 25 years; regardless of whether for cars or fleet solutions encompassing trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles.

In 1999, we showcased the synergy of tire sensors and driver assistance control systems. A groundbreaking achievement followed in 2000 with the introduction of the "30-meters car", demonstrating a compact-sized vehicle's ability to stop within 30 meters from a speed of 100kph. This milestone marked the collaborative efforts of Continental’s Tires and Automotive experts within the company, optimizing the tire and brake system using data from tire sensors for minimized braking distances.

synergy tire sensors driver assistance control systems

"We are the only automotive supplier that combines comprehensive expertise in the areas of tires, sensors, and chassis control architecture under one roof. And this has been the case for over 25 years,” says Nikolai Setzer, Chairman of Continental’s Executive Board.

Our tire-centric innovations have evolved over the years, incorporating solutions like Tire Information Systems (TIS). These solutions, supported by Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), monitor tire pressure, temperature, load, tread depth and provide real-time information on road conditions, enhancing vehicle safety.

Continuing this legacy, our digital tire management solution, ContiConnect, leverages automotive sensor expertise to enable fleet operators to optimize maintenance intervals and extend vehicle operating times.

A current focus involves AI-based solutions to monitor tire tread depth. Combined with our Holistic Motion Control Software, central control unit and wheel and chassis sensors, this comprehensive setup anticipates road condition changes, reducing braking distances, improving vehicle stability, and enhancing safety.

Synergy of tire, sensors and driver assistance control systems

The cloud-based  eHorizon  platform, enriched with Dynamic Road Events, integrates static and dynamic real-time data for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, chassis, and powertrain functions. This platform offers crucial information beyond traditional vehicle sensor capabilities, including traffic conditions, accidents, construction zones, slippery road conditions, and obstacles.

The unique collaboration between tires and automotive experts and bundling their know-how is a great way to demonstrate how advanced and innovative solutions can ensure more than just safety.

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