Safe and Dynamic Driving towards Vision Zero

Our “Vision Zero” will continue to drive our developments in safety technologies and to make safety available to everyone around the globe. For one thing is sure: only the widespread use of active safety technologies will help to achieve the EU goal of halving the number of road fatalities by 2030.
For us in the Business Area “Autonomous Mobility and Safety”, it is therefore essential during the development of new products to consider all possibilities of networking. And this is true not only for products but also for the necessary cooperation and teamwork within and beyond the business units. By networking individual components and taking a system approach, we develop products and system functions along the chain of effects that form the foundation for automated driving.

Algorithms for Data Processing

Smart Battery Health Algorithm & Tire Information System

Driving Safety will benefit from utilizing vehicle data in innovative ways: Algorithm-based smart digital solutions interpret data to generate new value. Continental Automotive has developed sensors and utilizes them as data source to monitor elements of safety such as tire wear and the status of the 12 Volt starter battery. Both types of data have proven highly useful to avoid battery-related breakdowns and to contribute to safe driving in general. Yet, the power of data goes beyond this: Continental Automotive is now ready to harvest this potential by turning sensor data into richer and predictive information.

Vulnerable Road Users’ Safety

Solutions Enhancing the Safety of Vulnerable Road Users

We develop the latest innovative solutions based on advanced technologies to provide ultimate safety for all road users. 


Urban Safety

Making Cities a Safer Place

With the number of cars continuously increasing, especially cities are finding that there is an increasing density in traffic with more and more people moving into them. Traffic situations can become more complex and thus more difficult to grasp. That is where technology can support in keeping all traffic participants safe.

Future Brake Systems

Evolution of Brake Controls to Motion Systems

With digitalization and connectivity, electric drives and AD capabilities, brake systems must therefore fulfill a broad number of additional tasks. To this end, Continental, as a long-standing, globally proven brake system specialist, is developing future brake system technologies: Future Brake Systems (FBS). In the following, we outline the journey into the future of brakes, and an innovation roadmap to a far-reaching, step-by-step transformation.

Stop the Crash

A multi-stakeholder partnership led by ‪Global ‪NCAP

Continental has partnered with Global NCAP to launch the “Stop the Crash” information campaign. The aim is to achieve significant improvements in global road safety and steadily reduce the number of traffic fatalities, injuries, and crashes.


High-tech Solution for Anticipatory Driving

20 Years of Continental Long-range Radar in Series Production

Automated driving is coming – and with it ever more powerful systems that enable cars to monitor and safely navigate their surroundings.The latest, fifth generation of Continental’s long-range radar, with a range of up to 300 meters and unprecedented resolution, is one such system.
Press Release

Emergency Brake Assist

Drive and enjoy predictive safety

The bulk of all rear-end collisions could be avoided – or at least, their severity could be significantly reduced – through timely braking. The forward-looking emergency braking assistant responds by activating an automatic braking system as soon as the driver’s own vehicle comes within a dangerous distance from a preceding vehicle if the driver does not respond appropriately. As a result, it can considerably reduce stopping distance.