Continental Expands CoSmA with Life-Saving Child-Presence Detection Function

System based on innovative ultra-wideband technology with sensing featuresChild-Presence-Detection function detects children left behind inside the vehicle and triggers a warning

March 8, 2023 -  Continental has expanded its digital access system (CoSmA) with  a Child-Presence-Detection function (CPD) to take passenger safety and comfort to the next level. CPD detects and classifies left-behind children inside the vehicle within seconds and triggers an audible, visual or haptic warning to alarm the driver. The CPD function is seamlessly integrated into Continental’s CoSmA UWB Digital Access solution, making additional hardware redundant while resulting in overall system cost savings and simplification. It enables vehicle manufacturers to meet upcoming in-cabin safety targets of Euro NCAP and US regulations.  

Unique respiration rates and micro-body-movements allow for passenger differentiation between infants, children or adults.    

Using innovative ultra-wideband technology with sensing features, the system receives its own transmitted UWB signals back from a (moving) object and is able to detect even the tiniest micro motion like breathing movements of a child’s breast by change in frequency or phase of a returned signal.

Child Presence Detection CoSmA UWB Safety Momentum
Child Presence Detection CoSmA UWB Warning Lowres