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Digital pre-departure check increases safety and efficiency in commercial vehicle fleets.

Increased safety and efficiency for commercial vehicle fleets with the digital pre-departure safety check Continental Verified Inspection

In order to increase the safety of commercial vehicles and detect defects at an early stage, a pre-departure safety check is mandatory in many European countries before the start of the journey. Continental is now bringing its Continental Verified Inspection (CVI) system, which has been proven and patented in the USA, to Europe. The digital system ensures greater efficiency, safety, and transparency for commercial vehicle fleets.

The digital solution consists of a set with an NFC tag (Near Field Communication) for vehicle identification, up to ten individually placeable tags for the inspection process, and a smartphone app for acceptance by the driving personnel and archiving of the collected data on vehicle condition. To take into account the individual specifications on the European market, the departure checks can be adapted to all types of vehicles using the Inspection Builder function, so that each fleet can create its own individual inspection process. That way, workflows that have nothing to do with departure checks can also be included.

The Continental Verified Inspection app records that the driver has included each inspection tag during vehicle inspection.

Transparent pre-departure check ensures greater efficiency in workshop processes

The use of Continental Verified Inspection as a digital and automated solution for the pre-departure check of all safety-relevant functions is characterized not only by a simplification of the inspection obligation but also by increased transparency. Thanks to the end-to-end archiving of the verified departure checks, those responsible can provide complete proof of compliance with legal requirements in the event of an official inspection. The app also records that the driver included each of the inspection tags in the check, and records how much time was spent on each section of the pre-departure check. The data from the app gives commercial vehicle fleet operators and workshop managers a detailed overview of the current condition of the fleet and enables vehicle defects to be detected early, prevented, and efficiently remedied.