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vECU Creator for HPC Virtualization

Virtual development of HPC systems and automotive ECU projects

Accelerating SDV development with cloud-based HPC virtualization

June 24, 2024 -  Continental’s vECU Creator (virtual Electronic Control Unit) allows software developers to run a High-Performance Computer (HPC) in a virtual cloud-based environment. This enables engineers to continuously develop, debug and test software in the cloud, while the hardware is being developed in parallel. With that, new applications and software features can be developed faster, more efficiently, with higher quality and in a more agile way. This vECU Creator was developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

vECU for HPC development

In current vehicle projects, software development depends on the availability of the hardware. Subsequently, due to late and limited availability of hardware at the beginning of the project, software development, integration and testing begin only after complete hardware development. This leads to the identification of issues very late in project phase, which further leads to escalation, budget increases and higher level of risks. To address these shortcomings, the vECU Creator provides a Digital Twin of the ECU within the cloud, thereby enabling separate software development from hardware availability.

Each section of the software can be developed and simulated independently from other sections, resulting in huge reduction in project complexity. With this, hardware virtualization is the enabler for Software-defined Vehicles (SDV).

vECU for HPC development

We recently held a webinar on this topic, where our experts focused on discovering how HPC virtualization can smooth entry into series production, reduce task forces for bug fixing through early identification of issues and gain insight into improving customer satisfaction with HPC virtualization.  

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