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Trailer Capacity Assessment

Digital solution for cargo space calculation from Continental.

    Digital Solution for Cargo Space Calculation

    Calculate cargo hold areas and exploit available space
    • Smartphone-based calculation of available cargo space
    • Algorithms in the Continental Cloud calculate the remaining available cargo space based on smartphone image data
    • Transport capacities of fleets are optimally utilized
    • The digital solution does not only support the utilization and productivity of the fleet, but also the active contribution to more sustainability in the transport sector

    Continental has developed an AI-based solution for calculating the available cargo space in trucks, semitrailers and trailers. It provides the fleet managers via smartphone with precise digital information on how much cargo can still be loaded. Dispatch tasks can be optimized and routes with reduced loads avoided when used together with the relevant weight data from the smart tachograph or from the fleet management system interface – for example by offering the free cargo space on digital freight exchanges.

    Fast and easy: estimate free cargo space in seconds

    Drivers, ramp agents and fleet managers can use the solution easily: After securing the load, the driver takes a photo of the cargo area in the truck, trailer or semitrailer with a standard smartphone. The photo is then uploaded to the Continental Cloud, where the actual ‘thinking’ takes place – in other words, the calculation of the available cargo space by the AI algorithm developed by Continental. The driver can also use his smartphone to edit the information manually or add additional information before he uploads it to the Secure Cloud. After that, the data can be forwarded to the dispatch software. Good connectivity provided, this process only takes a few seconds. The fleet manager can then optimally coordinate additional loads using the data on the available loading weight, which, for example, he receives from the intelligent tachograph via the VDO Link or via classic telematic software from the FMS interface.

    Service-based solutions of the future

    Continental sees itself as a professional partner for its customers in the fleet business, constantly developing meaningful solutions for future challenges. The technology company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of electronics, sensors and software in the mobility industry. The Trailer Capacity Assessment is part of this cutting-edge service portfolio, designed to accompany transportation industry customers on their route to digitalization and sustainable logistics.

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