Advancing the Ebus Industry: Our Sustainable Collaboration with Ebusco

Advancing the E-Bus Industry: Our Sustainable Collaboration with Ebusco

Continental in cooperation with Ebusco

November 23, 2023 -  The future of public transportation is getting greener and more efficient, thanks to the collaboration between Continental and Ebusco. As a standout player in the electric bus industry, Ebusco is enhancing its fleet with our innovative solutions, taking the electric bus generation to new heights with numerous benefits for transit agencies and society.

Operating in nine countries – Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway – a fleet of over 600 buses, equipped with our solutions, has already covered more than 100 million kilometers, saving an impressive 92.7 million kilograms of CO2.


The modular, flexible, and customizable features of our products seamlessly align with the setup of Ebusco's electric buses. Hence, Ebusco was the first to integrate our modular Driver's Workplace in series, enhancing the driving experience by making it simpler, more organized, productive, and safer. The focus is on a user-friendly interface, comfort, and perfect ergonomics across all configurations.

Beyond the modular Driver's Workplace, Ebusco's fleet includes solutions such as the Multiviu Professional Generation 2 display, KIBES on-board electronics, and the DTCO4.1 tachograph, along with our advanced driver assistance systems RightViu and ProViu360.

We are an ideal and reliable partner for Ebusco, who trusts us with their confidence in our products and solutions. Together with Ebusco, we are driving sustainable innovations and shaping the future of eco-friendly public transportation.

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