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World First:

Face authentication camera integrated invisibly behind driver display

Continental debuts Face Authentication Display access control system

January 10, 2024 -  With the “Face Authentication Display,” we are presenting a two-stage access control system based on biometric user recognition. The system uses special camera systems that are invisibly mounted on the vehicle’s B-pillar and behind the driver display. Thanks to biometric face authentication, the vehicle opens and starts up as soon as it detects a registered user. The system reliably detects any attempts at deception thanks to its unique recognition of real skin.

For the first time, the innovative camera technology can be found behind the driver display console. The high-contrast and bright OLED display has been specially adapted so that the optical components can detect people through the pixels of the activated display. In addition, the sensors integrated into the system include the functionality of reliable attention and fatigue detection.

The innovative face authentication technology, which was developed by trinamiX, is also installed in the vehicle’s exterior. The camera systems necessary for this are integrated into the B-pillar. A display seamlessly integrated into the exterior is available to the user as an additional interaction and information option and is invisible when not in use.

Facial authentication technology integrated into B-pillar

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