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Continental's cutting-edge e-mobility solutions for off-highway vehicles represent a bold step towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

Continental Solutions for the Electrification of Off-Highway Vehicles

Making Off-Highway Vehicles more Sustainable

Manufacturers of Off-Highway vehicles have to think long and hard when developing new vehicle generations because the large number of variants do not justify vehicle platform specific developments. But they cannot evade the overall trends of sustainability and digitalization in fields and on construction sites. The best time for them to start investing in electrification of their machines is now.

Electrification Agriculture
Electric construction machines with charging station. Concept

The odds are in their favor:

  • There’s an increasing demand for alternative powertrain concepts in the Off-Highway market.
  • Electrification increases efficiency of their vehicles and enables power boosts during high loads.
  • Automation and operation on demand gives them a competitive edge through precise application.

In order to overcome the technological uncertainties of the market, partners like Continental offer a comprehensive portfolio for boosting electrification in the Off-Highway industry.

How an idea becomes an electrified Off-Highway vehicle

We are convinced that, in order to develop high-performance hardware and software solutions for the electrification of Off-Highway machines, you have to cover the entire product lifecycle:

As in other vehicles, development projects for the Off-Highway industry start with intensive consulting, from system integration to E/E architecture to vehicle development and prototype build right up to production support.

Without software, electrification would not be possible. We develop basic control software as well as application software and Autosar solutions.

Product development & products
Our products for electrified Off-Highway vehicles must withstand a lot. We take care that power electronics of up to 1000 V, low-voltage electronic control units and powertrain auxiliaries can take heat, strain and pressure easily.

One-stop shop for Off-Highway electrification

Our components ensure that the power you need on the field is distributed to where it is actually needed. Discover our hardware portfolio for agricultural machines:

  • ECUs for Thermal Input/Output
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Controllers
  • Sound Modules
  • High Voltage Cables
  • Sensors e.g. for battery surveillance
  • DC/DC converters
  • Battery management systems
  • Twin motor controls

With decades of Off-Highway-specific experience for architecture and electronics, a dedicated electronics development team and a global Off-Highway organization, Continental is well equipped to cover all customer needs around the electrification of Off-Highway vehicles.

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