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Digitalized Access and Authorization for Commercial Vehicles

Streamlining Truck Key Management


Truck keys are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about digitalization for commercial vehicles. The more obvious applications for digital solutions in trucks and buses are sensors for safety or assistance systems or displays and instruments for the driver workplace. However, even such seemingly mundane components like truck keys can benefit from digitalization – by eliminating physical keys and substituting them with a digital application managed by a fleet manager through mobile devices.

Handling truck keys can be challenging

There are plenty of benefits that could be leveraged when leaving the key fob behind and opt for a digital solution:

  • No costs for developing and producing physical truck key fobs for each vehicle
  • No hassle because a key is lost, no need to replace lost or stolen key fobs.
  • More flexibility especially for bigger fleets since handover between different drivers cannot be impeded by missing keys.
  • More vehicle operation time through smooth handovers.
  • Minimized threat of vehicle theft and engine starts by unauthorized persons.
  • No more accidental vehicle lockouts while refueling

Streamlining Truck Key Management
Our solution: Easy, safe and flexible truck access

Our digital Continental smartphone-based access solution "CoSmA@CV" does not require a physical key and therefore propels the access and engine start system of a truck into the digital age. The solution covers 2 functions in one application without the need to develop different hardware:

  1. Door access including remote and hands-free locking/unlocking
  2. Engine-start authorization

It thereby saves costs, adds security levels and increases both efficiency as well as flexibility for fleet operations.


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