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One-Stop Solutions for Electric Commercial Vehicles

Enabling the Truck Market’s Transition to Sustainability


Electric commercial vehicles are still a rare sight on our streets – for now. It won’t be long, though, before e-CVs will become a reality. However, against the backdrop of ambitious climate targets and increasing overall demand for freight capacities, manufacturers will have to enter this challenging market quickly – despite the remaining technological uncertainties regarding range and charging infrastructure. In this complex field, manufacturers find an experienced partner to help them deliver the right solutions in Continental.

Dynamic Charging

Holistic approach for electric commercial vehicles

Our holistic approach to developing solutions for electric commercial vehicles spans the complete product lifecycle in three areas:

  1. Architecture & Consulting: Before an idea becomes reality, it has to take a long road, from system integration to E/E architecture to vehicle development and prototype build.
  2. Software: Our software solutions range from basic control software to application software to Autosar solutions.
  3. Product Development & Products: Whether power electronics of up to 1000 V or low-voltage electronic control units, our hardware serves many energy applications within the vehicle, including powertrain auxiliaries.

Our solutions around energy management in e-CVs

Our Solutions around Energy Management

Components for energy management in electric commercial vehicles serve very important purposes in order to make sustainable mobility safe and efficient. Our product range includes:

  1. Pantograph
  2. Charging Control Unit
  3. Intelligent Battery Sensor
  4. Battery Management System
  5. Current Sensing Module
  6. Thermal Input/Output ECU
  7. DC/DC Converter
  8. 800V Inverter


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