Manufacturing on a new level

New Continental mega factory in Timisoara

We build mega factories for future mobility solutions

Mobility is changing. As is our production. Just as the interaction with the vehicle merges from various small and decentral screens into large integrated display solutions spanning from pillar to pillar, we bundle production capacities and competencies at selected central locations. Especially the extremely complex manufacturing of large display solutions requires bundled production volumes to increase in quality and speed. By bundling our competencies in mega factories, we drive forward the paradigm shift in production of automotive user experience technologies and create great advantages, both economically and technologically.


Focus on standardization, automation, digitalization and people

Timisoara becomes a mega factory

By expanding our plant in Timisoara, Romania, to a mega factory we increase the production area by over 7,000 to 18,000 square meters and equipp the site with additional innovative manufacturing technologies. The Automotive plant is a pioneer in terms of digitally connected production technologies and is considered a benchmark factory for Industry 4.0. Its focus on people, standardization, automation and digitalization leads to high production speed and quality. With our investment of around €40 million, we strengthen our global manufacturing footprint to further enhance our capabilities to develop solutions for a digital future. As a modern industrial region with excellent infrastructures and highly qualified employees, Timisoara is the ideal location for us to manufacture automotive high-tech electronics.

“What used to be the horsepower under the hood is now the user experience. The way the occupants interact with the vehicle, connect, communicate, relax, are informed or entertained, is becoming the key criterion in the purchase decision. In order to satisfy our customer’s growing demand, we need to aim for the highest possible digitalization, standardization and automatization – and that is exactly what we are doing with our new mega factory in Timisoara”, says Philipp von Hirschheydt, Head of User Experience Business Area at Continental. “We bundle our competencies of products and technologies in this plant to put ourselves at the forefront of modern display production, driving the future of mobility.”

“Our customers want innovative products to differentiate. Our mega factory in Timisoara gives us a competitive advantage, in the production of complex display solutions: Standardization, Automation, and Digitalization. Standardization for Plant Timisoara meansfaster production, re-use, and economies of scale. Automation leads to a reduction of simple tasks and an increase in speed, while digitalization supports Virtual Reality line planning, simulation and optimization. Of course, our people made all of this a Great Place to Work,” said Lucian Margineanu, Plant Manager Timisoara.