Continental drives innovation with partners in Singapore

MoUs signed with partners for enhanced future mobility development

Three Memorandums of Understanding are signed with local and global partners to spur development of future mobility solutions

On August 31, 2022, Continental Automotive Singapore signed three Memorandums of Understandings (MoUs) with various partners, to develop new mobility solutions, which can bring forth improved safety, connectivity, and convenience.  

The collaborations will harness Continental’s latest technology, in areas such as data analytics, fleet management, and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and leverage the high-tech expertise and operations of its MoU partners, to explore and trial new solutions which will transform the mobility experience and improve the transportation of goods.  

MoU between Continental and Hyundai Motor Group, incl. Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation: 

  • As Hyundai develops mobility solutions that enable vulnerable groups and the differently abled to enjoy freedom of travel, the company will be exploring the use of Continental technology to support inclusivity in its universal mobility design. 

  • Hyundai will also be evaluating the use of Continental’s last-mile delivery robot, Corriere, and fleet management solution as part of the automotive manufacturer’s Smart City vision.  

  • The MoU will also bring about the first-of-its-kind collaboration between the start-up arms of both parties. Singapore will be the first market to launch the Continental co-pace and Hyundai CRADLE’s partnership to better understand future product needs and accelerate go-to-market for innovative mobility solutions 

MoU between Continental and Singtel: 

  • Singtel is Asia's leading communications technology group, providing a portfolio of services from next-generation communication, 5G and technology services to infotainment to both consumers and businesses. 

  • The success and effectiveness of digital initiatives depend on the strength, reliability, latency, and security of network connectivity, which Singtel achieves with its nationwide 5G standalone coverage, leading-edge 5G and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) infrastructure and solutions, including its industry-leading Paragon platform, as well as its expertise in cybersecurity. 

  • Through this partnership, Continental will also be able to leverage Singtel’s MEC solutions from its ecosystem partners, including hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure, at the edge, which will further enhance the situational awareness of Continental’s vehicle systems and improve overall road safety.  

  • Other automotive applications that will be explored include remote teleoperation or control of AMRs, and Vehicle to Cloud communication (V2C) to transmit holistic and real-time data analytics.    

MoU between Continental, Go-Ahead Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) 

  • The Continental-NTU Corporate Lab, and Go-Ahead Singapore, a leading local public transport provider and a subsidiary of the Go-Ahead Group, will embark on a two-year partnership to develop and enhance the driving safety management systems for its fleet of buses. 

  • Enhanced with AI and machine learning capabilities, the system will be piloted on at least five Go-Ahead Singapore buses with the first trial set to commence in Q1 2023.  

  • Ultimately, the goal will be to elevate descriptive analytics to the next level, building diagnostics and predictive capabilities in order to determine the root causes of risks for better prevention. 

  • Insights gleaned from the on-road trial tests will support more efficient iteration of Continental’s prototype design. This trial deployment in an operational environment is set to pave the way for Continental to accelerate commercialization of the solution in the public transport sector within 24 months.