Autonomous Mobility Engineering Ecosystem

In a changing environment, we need to prepare for the future and create a foundation that enables the appropriate technological progress. Therefore, we offer a holistic Autonomous Mobility Engineering Ecosystem with tool, test and simulation solutions. This will allow data-driven developments in the cloud and pave the way to achieve SAE Level 5.

The modular implementation of our solutions ensures plug-and-play integration into the ecosystem of any customer, while collaboration with top-technology partners enables a high degree of automation and full chain coverage. The high level of efficiency that users expect from this Autonomous Mobility Ecosystem framework is met by the feature set, robustness, and stability of our solution, making it a key enabler for all System Stack providers.

Our holistic Ecosystem consists of five areas that are connected to each other, exchange data or interfaces and thus function like a seamlessly connected organism. Scroll down to experience they are all about.